Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aahhh, the long weekend.

Long weekends are just so nice. Now, I really do like my job very much but sometimes the routine of things gets tiring. My regular weekends usually consist of a lot of housework (laundry and cleaning), running errands (getting groceries, etc.), and updating Billings365.com. The three day weekend gives you one day to get all of that stuff done, one day to go out and do something fun, and one day to do nothing and just relax...it's perfect. Alternatively, you might go on a weekend getaway. That's a great way to use the extra day too. This
memorial day however, we just wanted to take advantage of the time to slow down a bit.

This weekend was great. I got some yard work done, got some cleaning done, did some errands but those things didn't seem like such a chore because there was no rush to get them done. Dustin golfed a couple of days and got to see a couple of his friends who were in town. One of the things I wanted to do this weekend was go to the Weapons Grade Cynicism comedy show at Bones on Saturday. It looked like so much fun but the Lakers were playing the Nuggets and Dustin is a die hard Lakers fan so we had to skip it this time. (If anyone attended please leave a comment and tell us how it was). We took our Jack Russells to Riverfront Park on Sunday mid-morning. See them pictured above with Dustin. Then on Monday we drove out to Lake Elmo and jogged them one lap and then circled around again to stop at the little dog park area. Jack loves to swim and heads for the water the second he gets there. I also got to do some reading (Chelsea Handler's books--sarcastic and hilarious; and good old SELF magazine) and got to meet up with a friend for dinner. A three day weekend just leaves you feeling so refreshed. If only every weekend could be this perfect....then, we'd probably just want 4 day weekends:)!

Of course, Memorial Day is a great time to spend with friends and family or just relaxing but it's also important to remember those who gave their lives fighting for us to give us our freedoms. A Big Thanks to all who served and serve today in the military.
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