Friday, May 22, 2009

Carmike Cinemas Shiloh 14 Opens this Weekend

The new Carmike Cinemas movie theater opens this weekend, Shiloh 14--it includes 14 theaters 3 of which are 3-D screens. Last night, the theater hosted a VIP Night as a fundraiser for the Scottish Rite Masons and Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Billings which I attended with a couple of friends.

They rolled out the red carpet and we were greeted by gentlemen in suits as we entered the building. First impressions are quite impressive. The lobby is big, open, bright and colorful. Digital screens replace movie poster holders as they change through upcoming movies and of course include the movie trailers on the screen. The concessions area also includes digital menus. Shiloh 14 includes a gourmet popcorn menu with flavors like Cheddar, caramel, raspberry, and chocolate.

We checked out a few of the different theaters, one features a screen that is 75ft wide and nearly 3 stories high. The new seats are oh, so comfortable with lots of leg room.

What was most impressive about the evening was how polite and helpful all of the staff were. Hopefully, that level of service will continue beyond the grand opening because it really made you feel like you were at something special.

Check Out Showtimes at Shiloh 14 Here and enjoy the upgraded movie viewing experience!
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