Monday, June 29, 2009

Billings Best Spots Photo Contest

BILLINGS BEST SPOTS PHOTO CONTEST- Submit a Photo of yourself out and about in Billings and you could win a $100 Rimrock Mall Give Style American Express Gift Card for you and a second $100 Rimrock Mall Gift Card for a friend!
Your photo can be at a Billings restaurant or bar, at the park, at an event, anywhere in Billings except at home! Post your pic and then get your friends to vote for it. The contest runs through July 23rd. The sooner you enter, the more time you have to get votes.

Right now, Big J (from Hot 101.9's Big J Show) is winning with a Graffiti pic (apparently some jokesters spray painted this not so nice saying across town). Now, I'm not against Big J winning (and the person he is giving the second card to is certainly deserving) but the title of the contest is "Billings Best Spots". Can we really let graffiti on a fence win? Enter your photo and give Big J some competition.

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