Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Hangover


There are chick flicks and there are guy movies; and this is definitely a guy movie. This is the type of show where you start the night with a few drinks with your boys and then go see. It's got a ton of laughs; mostly male humor, so you might want to leave your wife or girlfriend at home. And believe me this is an R rated movie, so you definitely don't want to take the kiddies. It all starts when some friends decide to throw a bachelor party for their buddy in Las Vegas; they wake up with the worst hangover and don’t remember their whatever-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas night. They spend the entire show back tracking and attempting to find their lost friend the bachelor to be.

There really isn’t a star studded cast, but that doesn’t stop anything from being absolutely HILARIOUS;Ed Helms (Andy Bernard on "The Office"); Bradley Cooper; and the man that steals the show – Zach Galifianakis.

I have nothing bad to say about this movie.

I will probably go see it again. GO SEE IT NOW!!
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