Thursday, September 3, 2009

$12,000 Diamond Ring Treasure Hunt in Billings

Montague's has a pretty cool--Amazing Race style--promotional event happening on Saturday, September 12th. They are going to hide a $12,000 diamond ring somewhere in Downtown Billings. Teams of two (couples or friends, 18+) can register to participate in the event.

Teams will meet on the courthouse lawn on Saturday at 11am. Clues and challenges will be delivered to couples’ mobile phones via text message taking the teams all around the city. One lucky couple will find the South African $12K Diamond Ring.

There will be an after party, post-hunt, at Hooligan's with drink specials, food and prizes for all.

Kudos to Montague's for being inventive with this promotion. It involves competition, physical activity, technology, a party, and one heck of a great prize! I like it.
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