Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 Tuney winners announced

The 2009 winners are as follows:

Best Local CD: 1090 Club, Natural Selection

Best Blues Act: Soul Brat

Best Bluegrass Act: Anonymous String Association

Best Country/Western Act: The Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers

Best Folk/Americana: Dan Page and the Barn Cats

Best Soul/R&B/Jam: Funk in the Trunk

Best Jazz Act: 4 or More

Best Metal Act: ENDever

Best Punk Act: The Montana Law

Best Rap Act: Impurity

Best Rock Act: ZeN

Best Alternative Rock Act: Past Mars

Best Banjo Player: Wade Steinmetz

Best Bass Player: Parker Brown

Best Drummer: Marco Castro

Best Female Vocalist: Linda Villareal

Best Guitar Player: Art Eichele

Best Horn Player: Jeff Long

Best Keyboard Player: Dave Green

Best Male Vocalist: Nate North

Best Mandolin Player: Dennis Nettiksimmons

Best Percussionist: Matt Devitt

Best String Player: Megan Dibble

Best Harmonica Player: Dan Page

Best Live Venue (21 & Over): F.O.E.

Best Live Venue (All Ages): Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co.

Best Musical Instrument Store: Hansen Music

Best CD Store: Ernie November

Best Radio DJ: Big J (Hot 101.9)

Freeman Lacy Award: Tim and Pam Goodridge

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