Monday, December 28, 2009

Super Mario Brothers Rocks

Dustin got me Super Mario Brothers for the Wii for Christmas and it is awesome. He always seems to know what I want better than I do.

My sister-in-law, Trisha and I pretty much hogged the Wii (sorry nieces and nephew) all weekend. We managed to unlock 4 worlds.

The game's got the best of Super Mario Brothers. Mario, Luigi and friends get to use all of their classic powers--the mushroom to make you big, firepower and the star to help you zoom through the koopa troopas and other bad guys. Plus the more modern powers like the penguin suit, ice power, and the propeller suit to help you fly. Fun-loving Yoshi is even there to offer a ride and eat some bad guys along the way. And of course, the music and sounds are traditional to all of the older games.

The game is 2D just like the old Super Mario Brothers on the older Nintendo systems but with better graphics. And it is 4 player. We only tried 2 player. I imagine 3 or 4 player gaming would offer an all new level of fun...and frustration as many of our mistakes would happen by running into or jumping on top of one another.

The controls are the same as the old-school Mario as well. You turn your Wii remote sideways and the 1 and 2 buttons are the same as A and B used to be. There's a little bit of use with the Wii's motion sensing technology. For example, when you fly in the propeller suite, you shake the remote up and down.

If you love classic Mario and have a Wii, then you should definitely spend some of your "gift" money on this game. (As an aside, I got Mario Galaxy last year which is 3D play and is also really fun but much different than the Super Mario Games.)

Just writing about this makes me want to play it right now.
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