Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fudd Fries, Shopping, and a Movie. A pretty good Saturday.

This weekend Dustin and I had good friends in town--our friend Ryan from Baker and Jace and Amie from Bozeman.  The guys had plans to take in the Taproot show at the FOE Saturday Night and watch the draft that afternoon.

We all started out with lunch at good old Fuddruckers.  I know Fuddruckers is known for their burgers but for me it's all about the Fudd Fries with Nacho Cheese...good stuff.

Next on the agenda, the NFL Draft.  I will never understand how anyone can endure watching the entire draft.  My attention span is far too short.  But Dustin and his friends are all about it. They've got their notepads there full of names circled and crossed out and they compete to see who can predict the most picks all the while strategizing about who their team's ought to be picking.

Amie and I decided an afternoon of shopping sounded much better.  I was in need of new couch pillows and Amie needed a few things for their baby room.  World Market, Target and Hobby Lobby proved to have some good finds.  

Our night topped off with a movie while the guys went to the FOE.  We decided to go to the Soloist.  Amie had seen the 60 minutes special on the true story behind the movie.  I had heard about it and thought the movie looked interesting.  In all honesty, it fell a little flat for me.  Although, I think that's what happens when movies are a little bit over-hyped.  It was good just not great.  But a nice way to spend the evening nonetheless.

Dustin said the show at the FOE was really good, but he'll have to tell you more about that.  All in All, it was a pretty nice Saturday with friends. 

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