Monday, April 27, 2009

Taproot Impress at FOE!

Had a great weekend at the FOE. I went to the concert with 3 friends. The Bands included Sonic Crown, Adakain, Dear Enemy and Taproot.

Sonic Crown opened things up. They are a local band from Bilings, MT. They were quite impressive. They lacked polish that the other bands possessed but had great energy and I enjoyed them. I am sure they enjoy my expertise (or lack thereof) in the music industry saying that they need to polish their sound. Come on right? I did “friend them” on MySpace, so it’s not all bad. Go check them out.

AdaKaiN was next. This was more my style a combination of scream rock and melody. For some reason these guys impressed me. They opened up with a lot of energy and I enjoyed their sound. The song that stuck out for me was “The Only One”.

Dear Enemy was also very impressive. A few my friends were really impressed with this band. Their live show was the best of the three non headliner bands. Their interaction was great. Additionally, after their show they came out in the crowd to talk (or sell their albums); but still they were very approachable. Check them out on MySpace. “Falling Down” was the song that stuck with me.

Taproot was far and away the most impressive (but then again they were the headliner). They were exactly what I expected. I even got a little out of control made my way into the pit for a while. I got stuck up in the front for the last 30 minutes. I really like Taproots sound; they have something for everybody (very hard, radio hits, they have it all). “I” was my favorite song of the night, but they finished off with “Poem” appropriately.

The night was great, I probably had TOO much to drink and let loose; but definitely had a BLAST at the FOE. I hung out with great friends which probably made the night better.

Sonic Crown will be at The Railyard – Cinco De Mayo Bash as well May 5th; go support the local acts.

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