Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween is Here!

I can't believe that it is the end of October already. But it is and that means Halloween is here.

Some friends and I were discussing costume ideas-what to be this year, what we've been in the past. We got to talking about what we were when we were kids. I remember often times wanting to be a pop star, cheerleader, princess.

I think my favorite costume though had to be Punky Brewster. I don't remember the age that I was when I dressed up as Punky, maybe 5. Pigtails, drawn on freckles, vest, torn jeans (one side rolled up), tennis shoes, and handkerchiefs tied on my legs. I don't remember the show all that well--I remember that I liked it when I was a kid and also watched the cartoon series--but as a child of the 80's, it's impossible to forget the iconic character of Punky Brewster. I'm actually thinking that it might be a good costume for this year if I dress up. At least it would be comfortable.

Punky Power!

Billings has so much stuff happening into the weekend for Halloween. For kids and families there's Boo at the Zoo, Halloween at Rimrock Mall, Treatapalooza at Faith Chapel, Healthy Halloween Party at the YMCA and more.

Live music is all around town. The Clinton's are playing at Bones, 7th Avenue Band at Bugz's, Firehouse Band at Yellowstone Valley Brewing. Rap at the FOE during Halloween Havoc. More parties on the weekend include the Michael Jackson pre-Halloween party on Friday night (a chance to get out your MJ swag and dance to his hits) at The Carlin, Sinister Circus Halloween at the Loft, and more.

There is a Wicked Wine Walk at the Zoo, Dracula performed by High School talent at the Alberta Bair Theater, Billings Ghost Tours, Haunted Houses, Zombie Walk downtown; there's honestly too much to list it all'll have to visit the event calendar on the site to find it all!
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